Fakir Testa

Fakir Testa

In each of the performances of the Fakir Testa we ask ourselves what is pain, what is vulnerability, what is the wound, what other unexpected windows open and close in the human body. His show defies the limits of the human body and expresses the yearnings to hide suffering and escape from death, as all art is a twist to the meaning: In the case of Testa makes us perceive, transforms into sensitivity, insensitivity.

-Ramon Mayrata.


The art of danger: 50 minutes.

For Stage and theaters.
The new show gets the fantastic effect that reality looks like an illusion. These experience is about the physical and mental abilities of the human being that makes us slide on the knife ́s edge. It keeps the legacy of the best European Fakirs on the beginning of the last century, as well as American freakshow too, and returns to reinvent itself with more force than ever to the stages. proyecto Fakir Testa portfolio 2019. Familiar and participatory. It ́s a cocktail of adrenaline and elegance.

Dangerously funny: 50 minutes.

Street show.
Having already been performed many hundreds of times around the world, this show has incorporated many shocking and joking effects through a constant dialogue with the audience…and still grows strong. The highest level of Fakirism. Familiar and participatory.


  • Magistral, inolvidable, algo único. Verlo en acción hace que te plantees que lo imposible no existe. Maravilloso.

    Servando Rocha. Director festival Fandemonium
  • Fakir Testa nos ha dado la oportunidad de disfrutar de un espectáculo de Fakir de nivel donde se han visto la mayoría de números clásicos de esta disciplina. Un espectáculo para todos los públicos, participativo, dinámico y que ha tenido muy buena aceptación.

    Pau Marqués. Director festival Emergent
  • Quienes se llevaron las mejores ovaciones de esta edición fueron los artistas más tradicionales como el excelente Fakir Testa.

    Manuel V. Vilanova. Director Magdalenas Circus y Fiestacultura


Phone:  +34  610380361

Email:   info@fakirtesta.com

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